The cultivation of the citrus fruits was introduced to Sicily from Asia by the Arabs during their colonisation, and since the Seventeenth Century it has been spread throughout all areas of the island. Thanks to suitable climate conditions and the presence of the volcano, the first red pulp varieties were selected at the end of the eighteen hundreds. After that time, the hills and the land situated in the south part of mount Etna became specialised in the growing of the pigmantate oranges.


Red tarocco orange
Our farm is located in an area dedicated to the cultivation of the “red orange of Sicily”, and is recognised by the European Union as an “IGP” area of production, a protected geographic indication. The Tarocco is produced organically in our farm since 1988. The Tarocco is a really special ‘blood’ orange, characterised by the big dimension of the fruit and a thin skin, that has a bright orange colour with red tones. The pulp has a intense red-orange colour brought out by dark red-wine stripes,it does not have seeds and has an excellent taste. The outcome in juice is higher than 40% of the wieght of the whole orange. The fruit becomes mature from december and is in season until the end of march. Thanks to the very high content of vitamine C this orange is ideal to enrich the strengh of the immune system. Its colour is given by the presence of the anthocyanins, antioxidants and natural pigments, which fight against the free radicals and act in important physiological functions for the prevention of cancer.

The Navelina orange
This is a typical blonde pulp variety. The skin colour is light orange, its pulp is very succulent and without seeds. It is widely appreciated in the international market. The fruit is medium sized and matures early, so picking commences from half way through November. It is farmed using organic methods according to EU regulations and certifyed by the I.C.E.A.

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